The general terms of sale described herein will be applied unless the vendor has established and communicated special selling terms for the country of the buyer. In this case, the special terms of sale will be given preference.The general terms specified by the buyer will only be incumbent upon the vendor if he or she confirms in writing their acceptance of those terms.

1- Price and acceptance of orders.
-a Prices and special offers do not include V.A.T.
-b Offers which are not ordered immediately by the client will be considered to have expired after 30 days from the date of issue, except when an agreement has been made, in writing, to the contrary.
-c Drafts, drawings, sketches, corrections, etc., which are carried out at the client's request, will be considered as ordered by them, and will be invoiced separately. All work of this type will need to be approved by the client, so no responsibility will be accepted for any errors or omissions.
-d The vendor reserves the right to refuse cancellations, postponements or variations in orders made by our clients.
-e The vendor shall not print any order which, in our opinion, is or might be illegal or defamatory.

2- Legal tolerance.
-a Quantity: It may vary up to 10% more or 10% less, relative to the order made. The buyer must accept the resulting quantity and pay for it according to the agreed price.
-b Quality : In relation to tones, gloss, harshness, shine: it is understood that variations will be permitted which are only slightly different and not particularly noticeable to the naked eye.

3- Time of delivery.
-a The time of delivery will be counted from the day that the company receives a confirmed order which is accepted.
-b The supplier is exempt from responsability for any delays or problems due to causes beyond their control or any other circumstance due to other forces or to an act of God.

4- Delivery of merchandise and complaints.
-a The merchandise is to be considered to be delivered and at the client's disposal from the moment it leaves the company’s building; it is always transported at the buyer's risk even when merchandise is delivered with transport charges paid, and only measurements and weights registered at the aforesaid moment will be accepted as valid.
-b Complaints about defects in the merchandise must be made in writing within 30 days of the delivery, with the understanding that the buyer has checked it properly beforehand.
-c In case merchandise is considered to be faulty, the buyer will only be entitled to its substitution or the cancellation of the transaction at the seller's discretion, without the possibility of any other compensation.
-d Receiving a partially faulty consignment cannot be cause for rejection of the totality of the merchandise.
-e If printing faults were due to the bad quality of the material provided by the client (e. g. defective films), the buyer will pay the full price as if it had been done perfectly.
-f The delivery of merchandise does not imply the buyer has title to it until the price has been paid in full. The buyer will be the depository and will be subject to all the legal requirements.
-g The purchasing order entails the buyer's agreement with all these general terms of sale and with the special terms of each commercial transaction, even in the case of opposing clauses in his or her general terms of purchase.

5- Preservation and storage.
-a All material stored by the company which is the property of the buyer will be at the risk of the said buyer.
-b If the goods are not collected within 30 days, they will become property of the vendor and will have the right to either use or destroy them.

6- Payment.
-a Merchandise will be charged at the current price at the time of delivery (including prevailing V.A.T., if applicable).
-b All payments must be made in the currency in which it was invoiced.
-c Money orders, receipts, drafts, money transfers and any other type of payment are only a means of facilitating the transaction and they do not change the location where payment must be received. Payment must be made to the address from whence it was invoiced.
-d Non-payment of the whole fee or part of it, will result, after the prescribed period, in a monthly interest charge of 2% in addition to any expenses due to such a delay (which will be charged separately) until the date on which the debt is paid in full.
-e Non-payment on the part of the buyer, or evidence of his or her insolvency, will grant the vendor the appropriate legal rights as well as exemption from their obligations towards the buyer.

7- Property rights.
-a All legal rights, expenses on design and its accessories, such as drawings, illustrations, engravings, films, etc, which have not been supplied by the buyer are property of the vendor.
-b The buyer accepts the printing of the publisher's imprint. The buyer must guarantee the vendor against any claims or lawsuits that might arise due to property or publishing rights, copyright or similar legal rights, and agree to compensate the seller in such cases.
-c The vendor reserves the right to discontinue any of the articles within their catalogue, without prior notice.

8- Jurisdictional competence.
-a All trade will be governed by the laws of the country from which it was invoiced.
-b For any matters arising for transactions based on this document, the parties will refer to the jurisdiction and authority of the Courts and Tribunals in the city from which it was invoiced , and they will waive claim to laws and jurisdiction in their places of residence.