ARTYSTICK history goes back to 1947. The family that owns the company, a descendant of the famous painter KLIMT, came from Germany to Barcelona at the end of the nineteenth century. In the thirties began its activity devoted to the decoration of the most precious porcelain. "We were dedicated to the decoration of porcelain, made entirely by hand", says the father of the family. "It was a totally artisan job".

As production was acquiring a large volume, came a time that even hiring all decorators available, we did not get satisfy all the demand. The solution was the automation of production with decals or ceramic transfers. It was a pioneering idea.

We design, manufactured the colors with metal oxides, even we did the paper to be printed. Leaders in Europe, recalls the production manager, Gabriel Jorda.

The technique used and the family tradition of art and design in the industry stalled immediately and began to demand our decals until the sale was such that we decided to convert the activity from decorators to decal manufacturers. We were in 1947.

Currently, we manufacture inorganic decals, ceramic transfers to decorate the most exclusive porcelain, tiles, glass, bone china, ceramic, enameled iron, stoneware and other products. There are also in our production program an extensive range of organic transfers to decorate many products. In addition, our technology, our facilities and machinery, as well as our expertise in pigments, along with our team of designers, allow us to design and produce the highest level of stickers for both manual and automatic application (R2R). Decorated in relief, precious metals, luster, pearl, color reagents, high strength, and more, are available.

ARTYSTICK is synonymous of character, design, color and temperament, combined with the best European quality to offer the finest results of decoration.