ARTYSTICK is a new and unique method of decoration to be used for decorative purposes with a surprising and amazing result.

Produces a three – dimensional effect, embossed result and looks like baked.

Has great durability and resistance and can be cleaned after application.

It’s a quick and easy way of decorating things.

Is a new and exclusive product. Is much more than a sticker.

Can easily be removed once it has been applied, for example from a bathroom or kitchen tile.

It comes in a wide range of stock designs and the opportunity of creating your own personalized designs.

ARTYSTICK can be used on any surface that is clean and smooth such as ceramic tiles, porcelain, glass, metal,

plastic, wood, paper, cardboard, etc,

ARTYSTICK can be used to decorate items such as: Bathroom and kitchen tiles, glassware, mugs, cycles, toilet covers, cars, computers, mobile phones, fridges, washer machines, microwaves, ovens, extractor fans, light switches, , etc,

Only 3 steps are required:

1 _Remove complete transfer from backing paper

2_ Press firmly all the image

3_ Peel off gently the clear film layer

TO REMOVE: Use a metal tool (i.e. spoon) and a solvent (i.e. nail varnish remover)

All designs in the catalogue of DECORPRINT, S.A. are copyright©. No design maybe reproduced in whole or in part without the written consent of DECORPRINT, S.A. Legal action will be taken for any infringement.

Not to be ingested. In the event of ingestion consult a doctor immediately. Keep out of the reach of children.

Backing paper and plastic maybe disposed of normally. Not for food use -only for decorative purpose-. Not reusable. Not dishwasher safe.

Use of this product to create commercial products for sale is strictly prohibited.